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Award Winning Interior Design

Sun Dimension is an organization consisting of young multi disciplinary team of professionals engaged in architectural and interior designing.

Since its beginning in 2010, we have constantly strived to increase the quality of our clients’ life through a better architecture with engineering techniques that are best suited to the local environment providing exceptional quality in designing and service.

What sets us apart is the clean, modern, signature designs transcending mere aesthetics to create experiences that capture the minds and hearts of the increasingly demanding multi channeled consumers. The end result thus, is a built environment, true to the design intent, that is delivered on time, in budget and the BEST in class!

An integral part of our approach to the design is the future insight and the trends forecasting. We track the trends in consumer behavior, lifestyles, color and materials. As a result the effects are creative and innovative.

Raju Halder


I believe your imagination and our hard work can create an excellence.

INDRAJIT chakrabarty

Project Manager

I work on the assumption that a house is successful if it’s pleasant to live in.

Bikash Bapary

Project Manager

Interior designing is making the best possible use of the available space.


Junior Designer

The key to great design is capturing the sprit of the client and the essence of the space.

Customer Says