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Commercial Design

SunDimension is a team of highly competent commercial interior designers in India who have practical experience in interior design and commercial space planning. With the experience of more than a decade, Luxury World continuously enriches commercial spaces with visually impressive and functional designs.

The interior design solutions developed by Luxury World have a lasting positive effect on valued customers and visitors to these commercial areas. For this reason, we have established ourselves as one of the best commercial interior designers in India.

With a strong working relationship and a cooperative approach to our customers, the team of interior designers from Luxury World Interiors, who is highly qualified and competent, ensures impressive designs. We want our customers to be amazed while we offer the best design solutions that match the functions and needs of customers in this business. Every project delivered by Luxury World is subjected to careful planning and room optimization after a detailed analysis of the available space.

Our commercial interior designers always tend to design results that are not only visually appealing but also improve the functionality of the respective commercial area. We are designers with a creative and business sense. We understand the value of business relationships very well and always strive to improve quality standards in order to achieve a reasonable price-performance ratio. This professional attitude and the skillful delivery of our services have made us one of the best interior designers for commercial purposes in India.

Below is a list of the commercial interior design projects we have carried out:

Corporate Offices
Know that properly planned and designed office space can increase your productivity by up to 82%, which in turn would increase your earnings and happiness index!

We have already shown that we are able to create office spaces that combine functional, ergonomic and aesthetic components, which in turn contribute to the productive work environment.

Retail Showrooms
We combine the experience in the market and the brand with a passion for design and experience in the construction process. In Luxury World Interiors, the interiors of the sales outlets are carefully designed, taking into account the most important task of guiding customers from the first concept to an exclusive interior that contributes to customer participation.

Restaurants and Bars
At Luxury World Interiors we prepare the best interior for your restaurant. The designs created by us perfectly match the restaurant of your choice. Our experts commercial interior designers in India always consider the theme of your restaurant and therefore offer design solutions that are simply unmatched. We understand that creating an attractive environment is crucial to attracting customers, and therefore our designs are valued.

Institutional Interiors:
Luxury World Interiors is by far the best institutional interior designer, not only in Kolkata and in the rest of India. The dynamics and demands of students and the way things are taught change very quickly in this constantly changing environment. The institutional design must be technologically advanced and at the same time create a good learning environment. Room planning, furniture design, adequate lighting, color selection and the use of suitable materials are the key parameters for any interior design of schools or universities.

The beautiful hallways invite you to wait! At Luxury World Interiors, we design corridors taking into account all factors, including color, furniture, lighting, and flooring, which result in a relaxing effect.